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Claim our 9 FREE weekly Powerful Meditations that will bring you the depth and results you desire! (for the first 20 people only - valued at $180)

Chakras are the stepping stones between heaven and earth.”

– Anodea Judith

Are you finding it challenging to connect to your higher self, or feeling lost?

Are you unable to access your divine birthright of being open and aware on a spiritual level?

We understand.

9 weekly meditations to help you on your journey.

We have produced these 9 weekly powerful meditations to help you on your journey. They maybe just what you need…and they’re FREE (for the first 20 people only) valued at $180!

What you’ll receive (absolutely free):

9 POWERFUL five minute meditations designed to prepare your mind, body and spirit for a personal ascension to light.

After a deep meditation I set my intention to channel this map to guide you on your journey through your energetic systems. It will clear, open and  activate you to aid your intuitive and psychic development.This is a stepping stone to help raise your vibration to a higher awareness.

Each week you will receive one truly powerful meditation, heightening your frequency step by step, accompanied with a worksheet to help you get the very best outcome from my intention for you.

Here’s an outline of each weekly meditation:

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Week 1


This chakra nestles below our physical body , it is a satellite beneath us, it is our personal link to the Earth’s divine light and precious life force.This chakra guides and acts like a compass for our purpose in life. The earth star chakra holds the knowledge of exactly where we are meant to be on earth at every given time.

Week 2


Located at the base or our spine. This chakra represents our stability and basic needs,

which helps us to stay active, centered, secure, energized and present.

Our meditation journey in this chakra will see us understanding who we truly are. This opens us to our own self mastery and gives us the stability and foundations for intuitive and psychic development.

Week 3


Located in our lower abdomen.This is our chakra of pleasure, wellness, abundance, passion and creativity. To activate this chakra for our spiritual growth , we must push through the confines of the fleshly world, and be an observer of the karmic lessons. In the meditation we will work through the structures of  human relationships with one another and the world around us.

Week 4


Located in the upper abdomen. This chakra is the centre of our personal worth, will, confidence and power. In this meditation we will journey into the realms of trust within our abilities, ,delve into our instincts, clear out a place to find purpose in opening up these senses to increase your development on this path.

Week 5


This Chakra is located in the centre of our chest. It is where our physical and spiritual energy meet. With this portal of sacred love and healing , we learn to not only give love, but to accept it. In this meditation we will journey through our higher connections to the love of our divine support team, in spirit, they are there waiting for us to call on them and access them. With their help you will be rising to a higher awareness.

Week 6


Located in the region of our throat. This is where we energetically communicate our truth . It is our connection to speaking our higher truths which connect to others in divine love. When this energy centre is activated, we speak with authenticity ,which in turn links us to others who are authentic as well. Through the sound of our words we vibrate our intention. In this meditation, we explore that power.

Week 7


Located in the centre of our forehead. This is the epicenter of our psychic ability. It is our intuitive home, it is our access to our wisdom, it is our perception. On this meditation journey ,you are encouraged to push through the boundaries  of what you see with your normal state of perception .You will look through the the limitations of what is presented. You will transcend to a higher knowing of what is truly available to you on a spiritual and development level.

Week 8


Located at, or just above the top of the head. This is the connection to the divine that we seek. This is the portal to the higher realms with an abundance of light , higher consciousness, knowing and true purpose. Opening this gateway allows the flow of light that will encourage your ascension into your development.

Week 9


This chakra when activated is the start of it all, it is your access to your soul’s many experiences ,it is the place where you can feel the connection to light. It is in this energy centre that we can recognise what a truly magnificent and luminescent spirit we all are. This channel can replenish us, educate us and reveal our true connection to divintiy. In  this meditation we will start to reveal the light upon ourselves that has always been there.

Here’s an outline of each weekly meditation:

All this is for FREE!! Just click below to claim your 9 FREE Powerful Meditations

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+ Complete Daily Exercises

Everyday you will be prompted with bite-size exercises so you can consistently and quickly work towards your goals, keeping you accountable on your journey to the higher self.

+ Ground & Meditate

A variety of guided meditations and breathing exercises to accommodate your preferences will be available to help you find calmness and stability

+ Learn & Explore Events

Constantly expand your knowledge with blog articles from experienced clairvoyants, mediums, psychics and more. Find spiritual events near you to connect with your like-minded community.

+ Track Your Growth

Look back on and keep track of all the exercises you have completed to track your progress and self-improvement on the growth page.

+ Journal

Express your thoughts and reflect on your journey with the mindfulness journal. Journaling is an effective way to self-discover and awaken the soul.

Let me introduce myself…

Hello , My name is Martina, I am a professional intuitive psychic medium. Over the years I have helped numerous people connect to loved ones, their higher self and purpose, while also providing intuitive guidance, to help you develop your own strategies and connection to the divine.

I thrive off helping people , which led me to running events, large groups and retreats to help people rediscover what is truly out there waiting for them.

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It’s time to see your potential, and to ascend to a higher vibration. If you are ready to feel that connection, if you are ready to open yourself to a higher psychic development, download this free course of meditations now!

We promise you won’t regret it.

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